This sounds basic but a lot of people forget the importance of having nice light for their weddings. Every single screenshot or image you have on your wedding mood-board is most likely taken in incredible lighting, so it's crucial that you consider it when planning your big day. For morning preparations choose houses, rooms or areas with a lot of natural light. You shouldn't need to switch on the roof lights, natural light always looks better. Consider having your ceremony later in the afternoon when the sun is a little lower. The images to the right were taken at around 6:00pm right after a 5:30pm ceremony. It may seem weird but some of the best weddings I have been to are later in the day.

    Also consider the direction of the light, this one is a little more technical, but images and videos always look better when the sun or light source is behind the subject. Back light is really flattering and makes you pop out in the image. It can be hard to plan a ceremony around the direction of the sun but try an avoid the sun beaming front on to you. It can look very flat and vampire-y.

    Finally, make sure your reception is well lit, use fairy lights or DJ lights to bring up the ambience. Make sure you choose warmer tones for night light, orange always looks nicer at night. Often your venue will be able to assist in this area.


    Good wedding films are alive. They are fast-paced and full of movement and energy. Instead of standing still in a static pose think about spinning around, practicing your first dance, walking or making each other laugh.

    I advise you to find a photographer who also likes to shoot this way. I have a list of recommended photographers who I really enjoy working with. They allow time for us videographers to get our shot and encourage the couple to move around and be fun. You can see that list here.



    I love shooting open venues, and nothing is as open as the outdoors. Considering dropping a marquee in a field or having a ceremony in a vineyard. Nothing beats the lighting and potential for movement when you are outdoors.


    The best films come from those couple who aren’t too bothered about getting the perfect shot. The whole point of the day is to enjoy yourself, you only get to do this once.

    This might sound silly but you would be surprised how easy it is to get caught up in making it all perfect. My advice is to let go and leave it to us. We will be there adding to the fun and partying on with you guys. That’s how the best films are made.