Worth the wait.

    Lara and Jack had originally planned a wedding earlier in the year, however, as the story of 2020 unfolded, like many other’s, they had to re-consider their plans. So they rolled the dice and landed on a new date, September 27th 2020. The date wasn’t the only thing that changed, with some extra time to bump up the wedding budget their celebrations evolved from a low-key and intimate day to an all out party with a videographer (enter me). 


    There was a real sense of ease and calmness to this wedding. Jack and Lara were so funny around each other and they didn’t take the day or themselves too seriously. I tried to capture that in their video. These guys were cracking jokes at each other non-stop, you may even notice a couple of shaky shots where I was laughing too. This was a truly fun, energetic and equally poignant wedding and one that Lara, Jack and their family should be extremely proud of. This was certainly worth the wait!