A Down South Stunner.

    Em and Mitch hosted one of the most beautiful, happy, emotional and loose weddings I have ever had the privilege of attending. I mean, wow! This was just a perfect day. The morning was laid-back and easy, Mitch and Em decided to meet up before the wedding so they wouldn’t cry (didn’t really help), the ceremony was soft and romantic, the photoshoot was full of laughs and the reception had a Go Pro wielding Fireball bottle – so sick!

    These two people are very in love, it is easy to see from the first look they give each other in this video. What made the day for me though was how happy and bubbly all of their guests were. All the footage I captured is full of laughs and smiles, good music and better vibes. I was smirking away at my computer screen the entire time. I feel really lucky to have documented such a nice wedding. Congratulations Emily and Mitch, you should both be super proud of this day! I hope you like your video 🙂